actress krishna prabha new dance

krishna prabha new dance


Actress Krishnaprabha is coming to Malayalam cinema with a small comedy role in the movie Madampi directed by B Unnikrishnan with Mohanlal in the lead. The professional dancer has been practicing dance since a young age. After her interesting performance in Madampi, Krishnaprabha got many more roles. Among the films starring Krishnaprabha, Natholi is not a small fish. The actress won the JC Daniel Foundation Award for Best Comedian in 2009 for her effortless handling of comedy roles. Krishnaprabha is an active star not only on the big screen but also on the mini screen. The actor has garnered the attention of the audience through numerous television shows and serials. Krishnaprabha is very active on social media. The actor is constantly reaching out to the audience with new reels video. Her friend Sunitha Rao also joins the star in the reels. Reels videos prepared by both of them go viral among the audience. They appear with dance performances for almost all the songs that make waves on social media. Sunitha is a killer dancer just like Krishnaprabha. One of the things that gets attention along with the dance is the costume of both of them. Different costumes attract a lot of attention from the audience. Now the actor has come up with a new video. The duo posted their performance this time saying that Hey Chakka Chak is the South Indian version. The video was made by both of them from Kondai Lip Resort.

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