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Ayal Malayalam Movie Scenes Lena

Lakshmi Sharma Finds Out About Lena and Lal in Ayal Malayalam Movie Scenes on API Malayalam. Ayaal Malayalam Movie featuring Lal, Iniya and Lakshmi Sharma in the number one spot jobs. Coordinated by Suresh Unnithan, Produced by Madhusoodanan Mavelikara and music by Mohan Sitara.

Film Synopsis:
The hero Dasan was a rehearsing Pulluvan, who had a quality of credited godliness around him. He had two spouses, Janaki and Chakara. Dasan along the process of everything working out becomes energetic with Devaki Antharjanam, the spouse of the town landowner as well.Due to the attributed godlikeness around him, he was unchallenged. In any case, not for a really long time, something happens which makes his life upside down! The film picturises the different shades of adoration and problemetises the ordinary ideas around it.

Chief: Suresh Unnithan
Maker: Madhusoodanan Mavelikara, M. T. Dileep Kumar
Star Cast: Lal, Iniya, Lakshmi Sarma, Lena
Music: Mohan Sitara, Somashekharan Unnitan, MG Anil
Cinematography: Sujith Vasudev
Altered by: Sobin K. Soman
Discharge : 28 June 2013
Type: Drama

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